Don’t just join the Republican Party. Govern it.
Become a Precinct Committeeman.


The purpose of LD21 is:

• To elect Republican candidates at all levels.

• To promote an informed electorate through political education.

• To foster loyalty to the Republican Party and to promote its ideals.

• To increase the effectiveness of Republican workers in the cause of good
   government through active political participation.

• To encourage all qualified Republican candidates to run for elective office.

One of the most important things that you can do is to get involved in the Republican Party and become a Republican Precinct Committeeman (PC). Visit our “What is a PC” page for more information. After reading this information, if you have questions and want to discuss how you can become a PC and get involved please give me a call at 602.478.2249 or email me at

- Chairwoman Eileen Mueller
   Legislative District 21